What is GQCN?

It is the acronym for Gold QR Coin.
You can download GQCN in Play Store app. The application allows all small business, both domestic and global, to advertise, promote, and get paid.
Also, they can promote their store to many users by the most inexpensive price.

Benefits of GOLD QR Benefit

Gold QR Coin was developed based on block chain technology. It retrieves the block chain by GQCN, and resale it to the users
wanting advertisements or to the advertisers. GOLD QR allows individuals, advertisers, and charitable foundations to grow while helping each other.

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    1. Benefits for Individuals

    - When scanned, an advertisement is displayed for seven seconds and gives Gold QR Coin as a reward.
    - Also, after running the application, they can watch an advertisement through the QR codes in the album and keep the coin.
    - The coin can be traded in international markets and also can be donated to charitable foundations.

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    2. Benefits for Advertisers

    - Various advertisements of products or companies are automatically sent to members.
    - The application is very suitable to advertising because the members directly watch the products of the advertiser.
    - The price is never expensive. They can choose the price of watching the scanned advertisements from ten to a hundred won.
    - They can advertise to many customers in a short time.

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    3. Benefits for Charitable Foundations

    - They can receive donations of members to their electronic wallets.
    - If they have enough donation coins, they can donate cash to the advertiser they want.
    - They can donate cash continuously by giving coins to the advertiser.


GOLD QR gives many benefits to individuals, advertisers, and charitable foundations all.


When individuals scan GOLD QR, an advertisement is displayed for seven seconds, and Gold QR Coin is given to them as a reward. As for advertisers, they can automatically send various advertisements on merchandises, real estates, travel, new products, companies, and organizations to GOLD QR members. Charitable foundations can acquire much more funds by receiving donations in Gold QR Coin.

  1. Individuals download the GOLD QR code through a recommender starting from “Myself.” They can collect coins once per day, after scanning a QR and watching a video from advertiser. Coins collected from scanning can be traded in markets or used to pay for monthly charge through the Gold QR Coin application. They can also pay for the advertising cost of individual products or stores by the coin instead of cash.
  2. When the coin prices in markets increase to more than ten won, the advertisers can reward less coin for advertisement scanning. Meanwhile, they can donate the coin used for advertising to charitable foundations in cash and then receive that amount of coin as well as donation receipt. Therefore, it is not that different to a transaction with a tax credit.
  3. Broadcasting stations can continue to run the existing advertisement of TV, CF, TV shows, movies, and products while launching GOLD@SCAN as a new project. They can also produce secondary profit via Gold QR Coin. Whenever people all over the world scan Gold QR Coin and watch advertisements, they can get requests from the third, fourth, fifth, and more advertisers. Granting rights to influential broadcasting stations each country allows the advertisers to prepare promotion more easily.

The Age of Advertisement Marketing: Block Chain BLOCK CHAIN

GOLD QR platform, with a long history of advertisement marketing, challenges to achieve the dream of innovating the advertisement marketing industry, being stronger through the second foundation of developing Gold QR Coin(GQCN) and using block chain.
What are the immediate problems of our advertisement marketing business?

The Need of a coin for actual usage
  • High proportion of major companies, inefficient system of advertisement marketing, difference in service quality of advertisement marketing between classes and regions
  • Private systems of advertisement marketing cannot satisfy the customers’ various needs of advertisement marketing
  • Now, an enterprise with trust and brand needs to research and invest in establishing a system in the advertisement marketing market.
The Need of History Management in Advertisement Marketing
  • Severe differentials cause social inequality and hinder the development of democracy
  • Fundamental need of solving the essential gap of information network
  • companies can achieve their objectives of advertisement marketing by choosing and experiencing the advertisement marketing service of their choice.
The Need of Training Advertisement Marketing Coordinator
  • The prospect of the increased demand for the new job of advertisement
  • Marketing coordinator that offers flexible assist in the growth and career
  • Innovation, communication will be emphasized, and advertising marketing needs will be strengthened and new jobs will increase.
The Need of Creating Jobs and Stabilizing Domestic Demand
  • It is expected that jobs created in 2020 will be two million, resulting in 5.1 million less jobs.
  • Job loss is inevitable in the aspect of supply, but we should pay attention to more new jobs created in the aspect of demand.
  • The fourth industrial revolution will give the roll of saving knowledge and processing information to networked AI instead of human brains.

Gold QR Coin Platform SOLUTION

Gold QR Coin Report is a guide to the block chain-based platform of advertisement marketing history management that is the synthesis of essential philosophy and knowhows about the future, practiced by Gold QR Coin for twenty years.

Block chain-based Advertisement Marketing

The synthesis of essential philosophy and knowhows about the future, practiced by Gold QR Coin for twenty years.

Training Advertise Marketing Coordinator

2019 private certificate of smaller businesses’ advertisement marketing history professional

Making History Record of Advertisement Marketing in Advance

Writing a report leads the companies to self-initiated design of the advertisement history.

Measurement of Advertisement Marketing

The program Gold QR Coin possess is the big data of two hundred companies in total.

Platform Network

Leading the customers to participate in the platform to analyze their dreams, talents, and capabilities

Having Our Own Sales Network

Building our own sales network by organizing data system with cooperating companies

Academic Platform

Building better advertisement marketing platform based on the customers’ growth record data

Innovation of Advertisement Marketing Platform

Advertisement marketing history management system using advanced block chain technology

GOLD QR Application apps

The app is can be instantly downloaded by searching for “GQCN” in Google Play Store.


The coins are retrieved by companies paying Gold QR Coin for new product images or company promotions in the advertisement column. Instead of paying cashes, they pay Gold QR Coin for each category.

  • GQCN is a complete system already, and it is very influential for advertising products abroad.
  • Gold QR payment application is available via Google Play Store.
  • At the time of recommendation, 10 coins are automatically generated for subscribers and 10 coins for recommenders to participate in donations.
  • The app manual is detailed in the Gold QR Coin Usage Guide. r

Gold QR Coin(GQCNcoin) Token Distribution Plan TOKEN

Date of expiration: one year after the token payment
Total token supply: 3,300,000,000 GQCN(100%)

Quantity assigned abroad:

1,650,000,000 (50%)

Rate of supply to ICO (including PRE):

330,000,000 (10%)

Provided to members:

165,000,000 (5%)

Provided to the founder:

330,000,000 (10%)

Provided to advisors and partners:

330,000,000 (10%)

OPERATION(Quantity Donated):

495,000,000 (15%)

Distribution of tokens




Gold QR Coin(GQCNcoin) LOADMAP RoadMap

2019 09/28

GQC COIN based on ERC 20 standard started
Token system opened and public promotion started

2019 09/28

GQC COIN block chain ICO team launched
GQC COIN service opened
Block chain company to participate in GQC COIN platform established
GQC positioned as a main holder of important coins

2019 10/10

SPC corporation founded and the promoter settled
Decentralized exchange with other ERC20 tokens started
Branches and local headquarters for GQC utilization and cooperation established
The program launched and advertisement marketing business launched

2019 10/15

Advertisement marketing coordination business and waxing business in full promotion (shop in shop, franchise)
Advertisement marketing system based on coins developed
B.O.S Philippines branch opened
GQC ecosystem established by building partnership with local partners outside capital area

2019 11

GQC Ad Marketing Platform Google Registration.
Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, company advertising linkage service establishment

2019 12

Signed a registration agreement with BW.COM for international exchange.
Blockchain-based advertising marketing practical advertiser contract.
KT and GQC APP service, security number linkage system development.
GQC communication and advertising donation contract.

2020 1

GQC advertisement automatic exposure system installed.
Donation advertisement interlocking system
Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Maldives
GQC donor and advertiser discovery

2020 2

BW International Exchange listed.
Asian, European, Advertising Swapping System
Promotion of development interlocking project

2020 3

Launched world brand advertising system

2020 7 3

Listed on Poble Gate Exchange

2020 8 25

Google gqcn app development completed

2020 9 4

Google Play Store app development registration

2020 9 8

Poblegate listed on gqcn hard fork

2020 9 22

Signed a contract to list Coin Rhyme, a major Chinese exchange

2020 10

Foreign exchange listing in progress

2020 11

Developing gqcn advertisement platform eth payment linkage system

As seen in
GQC gift card exchange

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